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Al Loya, AIA,CNU-A

Al is the Managing Partner and provides guidance and leadership through his hands-on approach. His portfolio of work spans across all scales and includes healthcare, science and technology, academic and recreational. His commissions are characterized by sensitivity to materials, attentiveness to the relationship between buildings and surrounding environment, and making places that respond to their unique culture and context. Al is a Registered Architect in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado. He earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree in Design Specialization from Texas Tech University.


Danny Goss

A seasoned leader in healthcare design with experience in a variety of healthcare related projects. Danny is well versed in every design discipline, which gives him the ability to lead the team of consultants through the design and construction process to ensure success. Danny also serves as the firm’s go-to person for mentoring and guidance to the junior staff. His open communication allows for perfect execution in each project, and provides the expertise needed on complex and technically intricate designs. Danny has completed the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners Intern Development Program.


Gilda Maraboto. RAS

Gilda has served as a Senior Project Manager on numerous projects, such as quick service retailers, K-12 and commercial. She has a specialty design background with years of experience in the architecture profession and in navigating through the bureaucracy of the municipalities in the various States that we practice. Gilda became a Registered Accessibility Specialist in the State of Texas, and provides in-house quality assurance on all the firm’s projects. Gilda is also a member with the International Code Council (ICC 2018) Gilda’s attention to detail and thoroughness provides our clients with a higher service that ensures quality and reliability in our construction documents.